At Abati Group we are aware that our staff are a key element in our goals achievement and that is why we work to attract, train, develop and maintain the best human talent possible. We promote an environment in which our corporate values are constantly practiced: Excellence, Expertise, Innovation and respect that are the cornerstones of our Vision.

The culture of our staff:
Believe in your dreams: We believe that to grow every day, we must trust in our dreams and generate strategies to achieve them.
Dare strategically: Abati Group’s success leans on our staff, who are open to new challenges and defy their skills to reach their goals.
Transform the conventional: we reinvent ourselves day by day and we believe we can transform the industry by identifying new business fields with our innovative ideas.

At Abati Group you will find:

  • Professional growth,
  • Multiculturalism and personal superation
  • Innovation opportunities

We are looking for professionals like you who wants to realize their life and careers.
Below you will find our most recent job opportunities; if you do not find what you are looking for you can submit an spontaneous application HERE


Head Office
Via Bergamo 42, Medolago (BG) Italy
Phone: +39 035 6198227
P.IVA 02915370163

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